Turf Groom

The Turf Groom has a flat head and a polished pine handle. No frills, just an excellent rake that lasts and lasts. It eases the cleaning of your artificial lawn. Nylon tines help to maintain the turf without damaging it. Extend your lawn life and your investment. You can use these rake to spread an infill, to clean up your lawns, or to fluff up the blades of turf. This is a "must have" tool for every artificial lawn owner.

Synthetic Turf Rake Groom for artificial grass maintenance

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More About Turf Groom

The main benefit of artificial grass is the low maintenance factor. Comparing to a conventional natural lawn that requires watering, mowing, edging and fertilizing, synthetic turf needs none of those weekly activities to remain green and lush in any season, climate, or weather conditions. There are just a few things you must take care of, the debris, liquids, or spills. Synthetic turf can withstand heavy use and traffic; it's resilient, and even when the outdoor furniture is sitting on top of it for long periods, the blades straighten up quickly right after heavy objects are removed. You can brush your lawn with a garden rake, but if you use it often, the metal will slowly damage the turf blades made of polyethylene.

The Turf Groom rake's tines are made of nylon. Why nylon? Because it is exceptionally strong and durable, abrasion, and most chemicals resistant. It doesn't stretch or shrink; it's crisp and resilient and does a perfect job to carefully go between synthetic turf blades to weed out the debris without causing any damage.

The Turf Groom rake is easy to wash and mildew resistant. It comes in two sizes: 18 inches or 36 inches wide (see pictures). Choose the size according to the size of your lawn.

  • Turf Groom 18"
  • Turf Groom 36"

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