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Regardless of how careful we are as parents, our children always find unsafe things, especially when they play outdoors. For regular landscapes, we install artificial grass right on top of a base, but if you have kids or planning to install playground equipment in your backyard with a synthetic turf surface below, installing a lawn pad beneath it is one of those things that can be done to make your backyard as childproof and safe as possible.

Lawn pads for artificial grass playgrounds installation

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More About Lawn Pads

One of the most popular reasons a lawn pad is placed under artificial grass is to add a shock absorbency and extra comfort to a base. It will prevent injuries by creating a cushion against trips and falls. Children love to run. Whether they are running to us or from us, climbing slides, trees, or zigzagging around bushes, the fall is almost always connected to a bump to the head or a bruise to some other part of a body. The lawn pad can most often prevent bumps and pain.

Lawn pads are made of 100% recycled, safe, post-industrial close cell polyethylene foam to deliver extra shock absorbency. With a decade of proven success in commercial playground installations and applications, Global Syn-Turf's Lawn Pad is the best underlayment for artificial grass. It provides soft, safe cushion beneath the turf along with other benefits.

Our lawn pads are 100% recyclable, free of rubber, lead, and heavy metals. It non-microbial and designed to perform for many years without deterioration, deformation, mold, or fungus growth. They also inhibit weed growth and prolong the lifespan of synthetic turf.

Another thing to consider about Lawn Pad is its drainage. Global Syn-Turf's artificial turf installed by professional contractors drains much faster than natural grass, and so the lawn pads. Water drains through the turf surface and lawn pads underneath it rapidly for your playground, or a lawn always stays dry, safe, and clean. The lawn pads are made of highly porous material that does not absorb any liquids or water. If you live in a wet, humid area, you don't need to worry about water puddles or "lawn bubbles," and can let your kids play outdoors shortly after the rain stops.

Installing a lawn pad may sound like an additional expense, but it surely can save your money on crushed rock, offering quicker installation time and cost savings.

Lawn pads are available in different thickness: 3/4", 1-1/4" and 2-1/8", come is as 4'x6' sheets.

  • LawnPad 3/4"
  • LawnPad 1-1/8"
  • LawnPad 2-1/8"

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