Bernhard Langer Wins His 4th Senior British Open Title and Sets a New World Record

For the record-extending 11th time in his senior major title career, Bernhard Langer wins the 2019 Senior British Open on Sunday at Royal Lytham & St. Annes. During 2017, Langer sets the new record of 10 in 2017 and 11 wins in July 2019. He is the only player who has won each of the five senior major championships, and now he holds the "Career Grand Slam," previously attributed to Jack Nicklaus. The Career Grand Slam in professional golf means winning all of golf's major tournaments within a player's career.


For the record-extending 11th time in his senior major title career, Bernhard Langer wins the 2019 Senior British Open on Sunday at Royal Lytham & St. Annes.

Thirty days before his 62nd birthday, Langer wins the Senior British Open for the 4th time setting a tournament record. Heavy rain delayed the round by nearly six hours. On Sunday, Langer started three shots back of Broadhurst, opened with four birdies and added a pair of bogeys at the 15th and 17th. His 66 made him surpass Watson and Gary Player in getting the fourth Senior British Open title.

Bernhard Langer Wins His 4th Senior British Open Title and Sets a New World Record

Gary Player won nine championships considered senior golf majors in 2019, but three of his titles came at the Senior Open Championship before this tournament officially gained a Senior Major status.

Tom Watson won Major Titles 6 times in the 10th years period 2001-2011.

With eight Senior Majors made between 1990-2016, Jack Nicklaus has held the record longer than anyone in the Senior Open Championship.

During 2017, Langer sets the new record of 10 in 2017 and 11 wins in July 2019. He is the only player who has won each of the five senior major championships, and now he holds the "Career Grand Slam," previously attributed to Jack Nicklaus. The Career Grand Slam in professional golf means winning all of golf's major tournaments within a player's career.

No player had ever won all the senior majors during a calendar year, even in 1980-1982 when only two majors existed. Bernhard Langer is the only golf player who has won all five of the current senior majors in his career, having completed the Career Grand Slam by winning both the Senior PGA Championship and Senior Open Championship in 2017.

Bernhard Langer and Jack Nicklaus are the only players to have won four or more different senior majors in their careers. Although Nicklaus never won The Senior Open, that event was not recognized as a U.S. senior major until 2003, which was also the only year he played the game. Player won The Senior Open three times before 2003 when it was considered a major by the European Senior Tour but not the circuit now acknowledged as PGA Tour Champions.

Earlier in the week, Langer said he had done a couple of silly mental mistakes, and that costs him a few shots. But he came right back on his game and attitude, despite a rainy weather forecast. It was his 11th senior major championship and the 40th win of his senior career.

In January 2015, the Golf digest called Langer a man "build from bricks." Raised in post-war Germany, he helped his father lay bricks for their house. He started working at the golf course at the age of eight carrying players bags and clubs; made his first putter at the age 12 and quickly became the best putter at the course.

In 1972, golf was not a recognized profession in Germany. After nine years of schooling, Bernhard Langer had no options to find a job in the almost unexisting golf industry. But two days later, he was hired to assist at the Munich Country Club, and soon by the pro golfer Heinz Fehring. In 1973, he played the golf tournament with Jack Nicklaus and in 1974 at the age of 17 - with Johnny Miller and Peter Oosterhuis.

Can you imagine today that Langer had to sleep in his car and ate poorly when he ventured on the European Tour at the age of 18 because he had no money to pay for a hotel or food? Or that he stressed fracture and bulging disk while serving the mandatory service in the Air Force? He couldn't move or get out of a bed for weeks when he was only nineteen years old, thinking his golf dream is gone forever..? Doctors told him he needs surgery, but a boy didn't give up. He exercised and strengthened his core. Step by step, the back injury was healed. He calls it a miracle; we call it persistence and will.

Bernhard Langer has said that he built his swing in the same manner as his father built his house: brick by brick, making sure everything is straight. There is a reason behind the success of Langer. While many golf players have unique, unusual swings, he doesn't believe his technique is anything out of the ordinary. He is adjusting it very carefully and keeps on winning. His grip is strong; the battle is mental. It's hard to keep the mental clarity in the competitive environment. It's also hard to avoid yips as they show at the worst time.

When our team first started to build a putting greens course at Langer's house in Boca Raton, Florida, it was not just another wonderland to show-off. He is not playing for fun. He's playing to win. It's amazing how methodical and thorough he is with his short game practice. There are talented world-known golf players, but not everyone can create a lifestyle that exactly matches their goals in life. It's a six-hours practice a day, year-round. Being responsible, thorough, methodical applies to all levels of Langer's life; from raising four children and having an incredible family to achieving the Career Senior Grand Slam and setting a new record at the age of sixty-one.

We tend to believe that miracles happen beyond reasonable causes. Some people are born with talent, they recognize their talent, and that's a miracle on its own. Knowing your calling from a very early age dissolves barriers and blocks; hardships don't kill you but make you stronger. But success doesn't come overnight; you need to have ingredients to become successful - ability, strong desire, and opportunity. Strong desire or motivation is equal to hard work. We may not like news, but it's cut and dried: talent without hard work never wins the game. The talent and the willingness to put effort into making your dreams come true is as rare as diamonds and twice as valuable.

The breath-taking life story of Bernhard Langer, a boy from a small post-war town in Germany, who made to the top of the world's ten most popular sports by his incredible dedication and discipline, is one of the best motivational stories that encourage us to follow our dreams and never give up on ourselves.

Bernhard Langer wins Payne Steward Award 2018

Payne Stewart Award 2018, presented every year by Southern Company to a golfer whose "values align with the character, charity, and sportsmanship that Stewart showed" has been awarded to Bernhard Langer.

The 2015 Constellation Senior Players Championship was "a magic week" for Bernhard Langer, two-times Masters Champion, who lead wire-to-wire victory at the Belmont Country Club, Massachusetts. It became Bernhard's 81st individual triumph. This time, he won six shots over Kirk Triplett.

In the last round of the Constellation Senior Players Championship, ending with a 3-under 68 closing round and a 6-shot margin of triumph, Langer achieves his 24th career win on the Campions Tour. He became the first senior golfer to repeat as Senior Players winner since Arnold Palmer in 1984-1985.


Global Syn-Turf, Inc continue to love and to follow the PGA Leaderboard of American golf. Global Syn-Tuft, Inc had been around the golf sport since 2009, when they opened the doors to their manufacturing synthetic turf company. With a Bernhard Langer representative of synthetic turf fields, GST is still cheering Langer to be shown on the next year's PGA leaderboard. Although, Bernhard Langer was not on the PGA Golf Championship tournament, the PGA leaderboard showed that Rory McIlroy, an Irish golf professional at 25 years old won the Championship for his fourth major title, second of the season, and third consecutive overall win. The victory was his

Bernhard Langer received first place in the Senior Open Golf Championship! Global Syn-Turf congratulates him on not only receiving first place, but also breaking over fifteen records as well!

Langer's 13 stroke winning margin over his rival Colin Montgomerie was enough to obtain the trophy as well as break the former stroke margin record of 12, set in 1997. His rival Colin calls it a "great performance." Bernhard's win puts him at rank 2 overall, just behind Colin Montgomerie.

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